Ordering an A+++ Fridge: the Siemens iQ300 KG39NXI46

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Siemens KG39NXI46 fridge-freezer

Buying a fridge-freezer through the e-commerce channel is a bit of a challenge if you live on the 4th floor, as Post.nl is standard only delivering to the 3rd. I had to tip – let’s not call it bribe – the two young men to move the heavy box one floor higher, and remove the old stuff. I had to unpack and install the stuff myself, but the old built-in fridge-freezer they were happy to take with them.

E-commerce challenges

I had the following selection criteria:

  • form factor: fridge-freezer
  • stand-alone, not built-in anymore as I had twice issues with doors that didn’t stay close
  • the best energy-efficiency: A+++
  • nett capacity, at least similar to what I had, something north of 350L
  • color: dark red, and otherwise stainless steel
  • trustworthy brand

I selected twice a dark red model, that had logistic challenges. The first one had become obsolete. The second one was delivered with a too deep scratch on the door so that even the delivery man advised to refuse it and send it back to the shop Alternate. It was the last model in stock, so I had to again search for an alternative. The third try was the Siemens KG39NXI46, a stainless steel fridge-freezer of a reputable brand, meeting my other criteria. The price around 800 euro is acceptable.

Through Icecat and comparison sites, I could select and verify the specs. The number of reviews is limited, but I must admit I’m quite cynical about the objectivity or neutrality of reviews in a time that too many business models lean on income from brands.

In my case, I can state that Siemens is not a client, and I have no stock or other interest in the manufacturer. So, this review reflects my honest, and uninfluenced opinions about the product.

Very energy-efficient, but boring

The Siemens iQ300 KG39NXI46 is A+++, and assuming that the manufacturer is honest and deserved this EU energy label, it satisfied my most important, ethical criteria in this time of global climate change: the highest energy efficiency rating.

Next in importance for me, is basically design. The stainless steel, metallic look blends in well with other kitchen appliances and accessories, but it’s a bit boring. All the expected features are there: egg balcony, drawers for veggies, bottle compartments. The setup is easy, as the default manufacturer settings for the fridge and freezer temperatures are ok for me, and I only had to connect the cable.

Very nice – and unexpected by me – is the no frost and multi-airflow features. As this makes the freezer department low in maintenance. And, there’s no need for regularly cleaning the water from a frostrated waterdrain. The temperature alarm is also funny, though I’m not sure if this adds a lot in our household.

A few small drawbacks: I live in a typical Amsterdam house, where the floor is not perfectly horizontal. I found out that there are only two height adjustable feet at the front side, so I had to slip in tiles below the right side to compensate for a slight tower of Pisa effect. Another minor drawback is that I managed to break the icecube accessory at first use in two, as I am used to bend it to get the icecubes out. I fell back to my old, more flexible, icecube accessories.

Talking fridge?

The Siemens KG39NXI46 is a bit low in intelligence in this time of Alexa. Of course, I was also not selecting on this criteria, but the LED display and alarm functions made me think of the decades of talks about the intelligent fridge that is able to understand which products need a refill, and is able to generate an e-commerce shopping list. I’m not sure if I need a talking fridge in the future, but a connected fridge would be fun indeed.

Siemens iQ300 KG39NXI46 fridge-freezer








Low maintenance





  • A+++ EU Energy Label (2018)
  • Modern stainless steel look
  • No Frost
  • Power failure protection


  • Only 2 adjustable feet
  • Design is a bit standard
  • Little intelligence

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