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Program training – but what exactly will you learn?

First, you learn how to use a programming language – do homework for me . A programming language helps you give commands to your computer. Without a programming language, you have to constantly give commands to your computer in machine language, that is, with ones and zeros.

Not only is this time consuming, it’s much harder to understand. There are programming languages for this, which basically all contain the same basic elements:

  • Commands
  • Operations
  • variables
  • Solutions and.
  • Repetitions.

Everything else is based on these 5 basic elements.

If you can use them while you sleep, program one program at a time.

So you don’t have to program everything yourself, there are technologies based on these basic elements – : libraries with ready-made functions, standards and protocols for communication and many specialties that come when you want certain programming.

Video game programming is different from online shopping, but the same basic tools are always used. Just like in real life: you would rather build a house of wood out of wood, but you also need concrete, steel for a house.

With a skyscraper you have even more requirements for the building material. You can see this in a similar way with software, depending on the functionality, other technologies are used and under certain circumstances other programming languages as well – . But for the most part they are based on the same basic elements. I would like to briefly introduce these to you so that they are not too strange for you in the future.

Real World Example

Map with direction, the nice thing about the basic elements of a modern programming language is that they are based only on pure logic, and thus also work with real world examples.

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