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Backup your IMAP mail periodically IMAPSize This freeware program includes a powerful tool to perform various tasks. Backups of incremental IMAP All of your messages. Backup messages are saved to your local drive as eml, mbox, and pst files. They can be restored to the original account from which they were backed up or to another account using automatic folder hierarchy creation.

IMAPSize backups are incremental. The messages that have been backed up will not be downloaded again. This conserves bandwidth and your time.

Software page: Imap backup

Regular backups of your account

You can access the Backup feature in IMAPSize from the Account /Account Backup menu item. You can select which folders you want to back up using the Account Backup Dialog. This list is saved for future reference. Any messages already in the local backup will be deleted once the backup is invoked. Not be downloaded again.

Command-line Backups

IMAPSize can be used to invoke backups from the command line. This allows you to execute IMAP backups using a script. The -backup switch must be used, and the account to be backed up as the parameter. You would use this example to back up the account “test_account”.

imapsize -backup -account=test_account

  • Notes: You should only use one command for multiple backup accounts.
  • To perform a backup using the command line for a particular account, you must specify the folders that will be backed up. This will be done automatically if you have previously performed a backup using the IMAPSize UI. These can also be specified using the “Save Folders” option in the Account Backup dialog.
  • Logs of command-line backups are stored in “bak” entries at imapsize.log. grep “bak”


Backups can be restored from the Account/RestoreBackup menu item. Select the destination and source accounts, and select the folders you wish to restore. You can modify the remote mailbox name if you restore it to another account than the original. To do this, right-click on a folder and select “Change Remote Folder Name” from the popup menu. IMAPSize automatically creates the folder hierarchy when you restore to a new account. It also takes care of namespaces.

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What are the backups?

Backups are stored in a hierarchy folder below the root backup directory (described in the Options dialog under the Misc tab). Each message is saved in its eml file. The server folder hierarchy is also replicated locally. These plain text files can be edited or imported into other email programs. Backup. DB is the backup.DB file found in the root backup folder. This file contains information about the backed-up messages. This data performs incremental backups or restores messages to IMAP servers.

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