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The Value Of Coursework
Coursework is not a formal report. Coursework is an important product of intellectual work that has its own value.
The necessity and importance of term papers (and any other traditional types of educational work) in the modern education system is a debatable issue. Many people are skeptical about the need to write term papers and dissertations, and we perfectly understand why this happens. However, term papers can indeed be beneficial – both to the authors and to the entire academic environment as a whole.
Why term papers are important
Often in universities form prevails over meaning. The pursuit of compliance with formal requirements (for example, insanely high rates of uniqueness) leads to burnout, and yesterday’s motivated and in love with science applicant turns into a tired and annoyed senior student. If we consider the term paper as a formal report, in which template compliance is most important, then there is really little point in such work.
In the process of working on the term paper, you are formed as a person and gain new knowledge and skills.
The main value of the coursework is in its independent writing, during which you are formed as a person and gain new knowledge and skills.
Even if a university does not require really good scientific work, this does not mean that it is not necessary to do it. Qualitative research is necessary first of all for you. The university should be perceived as one of the possible tools for achieving one’s own goals. You study only yourself, and it depends only on you how high-quality your education will be in the end. There is no other way to become a professional other than to work hard, not paying attention to the low quality bar set in front of you at your university. The only thing that can really help is a request to pay for my essay, because the professionals who work here can not only write the entire essay, but also help with proofreading, editing or creating uniqueness.
You can go with the flow, fulfilling only superficial formal requirements, or you can get a quality education against all odds. You decide.
What to do with coursework?
We have already found out that high-quality term paper should not perish in the teaching archives, or even worse, in the trash. The results of the course work can be published in any form in the public domain: it can be the full text of the work, or maybe it will be an article in a scientific journal written on the basis of the study.
Open access
Scientific research exists for the public only if its results are in the public domain.
In this course, we talked not so much about how to just write a term paper and get credit, but how to write a really good scientific paper. The results of hard research work should not be disposed of immediately after the defense – the course materials can continue to live and be useful. Therefore, the results of your research should be published in the public domain.
The problem of access to scientific knowledge
Open access to scientific publications means that scientific texts must be distributed on the Internet free of charge, and be available for reading, copying, quoting or using for any other legal purpose. A prerequisite is the indication of the author of the publication.
The inaccessibility of research results is associated, firstly, with the high cost of subscription to scientific journals. Secondly, with the use of non-digital models for the distribution of scientific content by traditional publishing houses. As a result, research results are not searched for by Internet search engines, which makes them invisible to most researchers and ordinary interested readers.
The value of open access
Publication of the results of scientific research in the public domain is of fundamental importance. We are sure that scientific knowledge should be accessible to everyone, and the cultural and technological development of society should not be held back by financial, political or ideological barriers quick reference:
Open science is speed. The rapid dissemination of knowledge and the results of current scientific research can be vital, especially when it comes to medicine. In addition, open access will reduce the number of duplicative studies.
Open science is transparency. Open access makes it possible for a public discussion around the results of scientific publications, which makes it possible to strengthen the institution of reputation in science and improve the quality of research.
Open science means opportunities. Open access allows a researcher to express himself and form a personal brand of an expert both in the academic environment and beyond, due to the availability of his work to clients and potential partners.

Open access is the first and very important step towards a knowledge society.


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