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The one shit test you should know is coming
Yes, you know when you’re out in the field or even on dates you’re going to get hit with shit tests. Most of them are subtle jabs thrown by women just to check your alpha, others can be the make or break point of you beating that pussy up or beating up your hand.

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Before we get to that there’s an interesting shit test that I’ve come across lately that can easily throw most men for a loop, when you’re trying to set up a date or out with a girl on a date and she tries to imply that it’s not a date. If you’re inexperienced you may here these words and let the comment change your game mentally and fuck you up.

Let’s examine why women use a shit test like this and the bomb that will come later. Women love the “positive surprise” narrative of an opposite sex interaction. But we all know if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it aint no fucking chicken. The this isn’t a date shit test is a girl trying to play down the interaction between you and herself, set the bar extremely low to herself that way if there are no sparks or you turn out to suck or the attraction between the both of you isn’t there, she can tell herself it wasn’t a “date” there for she didn’t do anything wrong and wasn’t expecting anything anyway. It’s a fail safe mechanism girls who’ve gone on a lot of bad dates or aren’t yet used to dating use to lower the pressure.

If you’re out on a “This isn’t a date” date and she’s not laughing at your jokes, not really carrying the conversation and showing no romantic interest. Cool it’s not a date she can pay her half then peace out. But what I’ve found is if you agree and mockingly restate her “it’s not a date comment” back to her then go ahead and game like it is. You get better results. Her guard is lowered because as she stated it’s not a date. She’s drinking more, talking more openly about herself and her past, laughing out loud, jumping from one bar to the next, dancing, touching you, making out, inviting you to stay the night. Then the next day or among her friends she gets to act all surprised that anything happened. “We were just hanging out when one thing led to another” type of response aka The Positive Surprise.

So when faced with this obvious shit test best responses I’ve used…

“ohhh slow down baby, you’re hot but not THAT hot”. (If you want to knock her down a notch)

“I just thought it would be cool to have some drinks, kill some time and talk to an interesting person, I didn’t know you’d be trying to complicate things so soon” Make her look like a crazy chick.

“It’s not a date, good, the last thing I need is another girl falling in love with me after the first date” Obvious

Now the best shit test, the one you know you’re about to get some for sure is the, “We’re not going to have sex” shit test. I love it when a girl says this to me because it means we’re about to have sex. Between my friends and myself, I can accurately state that when a girl says, “We’re not going to have sex” there’s a 98% chance we’re going to having sex. The other 2% is because she’s on her period so a BJ or tigg hump is fine. Simply put if you invite a girl after date, one night stand, back to your place or suggest you come up to hers and she says this…. SHE’S THINKING ABOUT SEX.

Some guys hear these words and get discouraged and back off their game. The girl comes back to their place and he doesn’t make a move or “respects her wishes”. The girl stays for a few minute, has a drink, the conversation fades, the mood gets weird, then it’s “late”, and she has to go. He took the we’re not going to have sex statement at face value. You think you did the right thing and try to call her a few days later, nothing, you fucking blew it!

How a true player handles this. You reaffirm her concerns back to her (chicks love when you repeat what they just said back to them). Do it in a way like you’re shocked and slightly disgusted that she’d even think that, “of course we’re not going to have sex… you’re just coming back to have one more drink and listen to some music/ eat some food/ check out my pictures I took abroad… whatever”. You make the drink as promised, take her jacket, tell her to take off her shoes and stay a while. You make her comfortable to be there building the sexual tension not rushing anything. Acting as if you’re really not there to bang. There will come a point where there’s an opening, you take it, make move, kiss her, and it’s game over. It’s not rocket science. But most guys easily blow it once the girl comes back. They jump on her like a fresh out of prison serial rapist, not letting that sexual tension bubble. Play it cool and act like you’ve done this before.

Women like to be seduced, you don’t have to overdue it. You don’t have to light candles and have classical music music playing. But you don’t want to act like a horny 7th grader who luckily got her back to your place either. What you want her to realize is the spark she had earlier in the night is still there, it wasn’t an accident, it wasn’t because of the alcohol. It was because you’re that smooth mother fucker she thought you were at the bar or on that date and despite what she said… she wants to get dick downed by you.

So when I hear the, “I’ll come back but we’re not going to have sex line” I only have one response,

“Hey now, I’m no floozy! I don’t know what type of guys you’re used to but I take it slow. We’ll have to go out on a few dates first and then if you’re lucky I might let you kiss me on the third date”

I just jiu Jitsued that shit and when we get up to my place or hers she’ll be trying to get that kiss and then some before the third date. Bottom line the best defense for a shit test and any shit test is to ignore it and proceed as usual. When it comes to women it’s never what she says it’s what she does.