Intel and BenQ adopt new user-generated reviews functionality by Testseek

Martijn Hoogeveen
Intel reviews of Lenovo Yoga via Testseek

Brands like Intel and BenQ, and top marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart, closely work together through Testseek to enhance the buyer experience with not only expert reviews but the full package, including user generated reviews.

“90% of online user reviews are created from post-purchase emails, but most brands don’t sell their products to consumers directly. This means that brands can’t send such post-purchase emails, and thus get only a few spontaneous reviews”, according to Testseek CEO Fredrik Engdahl. “Testseek’s approach to this challenge is to offer brands a solution based on reviews from their popular online retail partners. As these sites are visibly successful in generating user reviews, It means that we can really help brands to populate all their product pages with relevant reviews, and thus achieve a significantly higher coverage compared to other solutions on the market. In return, the brand is be able to send qualified leads back to these key retail partners. Something that they like.”

Qualified leads through Intel Inside

For these reasons, Intel uses the Testseek services for adding user generated reviews to every intel inside product of OEM partners in addition to expert reviews Testseek was already providing for years. Near every product image on, the summary expert and user scores can be found, which link to the review details. Hatch is taking care of these where-to-buy-links from which the user reviews are obtained. User generated reviews are typically obtained and link back to marketplaces such as Amazon’s. See the featured image above. Product content and where to buy links are provided through respectively Icecat and Hatch. This makes the marketplace a powerful and appreciated generator of qualified leads for its key retail partners on any product with Intel inside.

intel lenovo yoga reviews

BenQ: Award Logos and Happy User Quotes

A similar, but slightly different approach is followed by BenQ, that is prioritizing the award logos per product as it sees these as strong selling arguments:

BenQ reviews photographer printer

From user reviews, BenQ is using mainly the happy user quotes as sales references. It may not be completely “neutral”, but who expects a manufacturer to be completely objective about its own product?

benq ugc reviews

As already mentioned, from the expert reviews the product award logos feature prominently. It’s an ages old marketing wisdom that product award logos help to convince a buyer as they are perceived as independent, expert recommendations by the prospective buyer.

benq expert reviews

No more “Be the First To Review This Product”

The approach to aggregate and match both expert and user reviews from popular marketplaces are a competitive edge for Testseek in the reviews market. “Most brands which use traditional user reviews providers like Bazaarvoice or Powerreviews, struggle to get a decent reviews coverage for their product pages,”explains Fredrik Engdahl further, “It’s a pain to see the ‘Be the first to review this product’ link on most product pages of a brand. Our solution with aggregated user reviews has mainly two advantages: a much higher reviews coverage and the link back to native country retailers where the consumer can purchase the product. This ensures that top retailers are happy to share their user reviews with the brands they sell.”

Contact Testseek or Icecat in case of questions about the Expert and User Reviews solutions for brands and marketplaces.


Martijn Hoogeveen

Founder and CEO of Icecat NV. Investor through iMerge. PhD Multimedia at Delft University of Technology. Former Professor Multimedia/E-commerce at Open University Netherlands.

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