Icecat Add-ons including Magento, PrestaShop, Oracle, SAP Hybris, Google Shopping. NEW: JS.NODE

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Icecat has a huge list of integration partners, that make it easy for clients and users, to make use of the Icecat Open Catalog Interfaces.

November 2019: JS.NODE added

PartnerDescriptionSupported by Icecat
Google Shopping Manufacturer product data can be sent directly from Icecat to the Google Shopping environment and other Google databases.Yes
Amazon Amazon makes use of the Icecat XML interface. Further there are several API-integrations to Amazon+, such as Amazon AFS and NIC interfaces.Yes
Oracle Retail Cloud Oracle Retail Cloud, Micro (POS), and Oracle Commerce Guided Search make use of (Open) Icecat product data.Support by Oracle
Magento by Adobe Magento (acquired by Adobe) is a leading ecommerce platform, and apart from custom solutions, the most widely applied webshop environment, according to the statistics of Icecat.
– Icecat Live for Magento 2.0 (free)
iceshoplogo2 Iceshop offers Icepima powerful product information management environment, with a large number of ecommerce connectors: Magento 1 and 2/Icecat integrationsPrestaShop. Check out the Magento/Icecat demo.Yes
iceshoplogo2 Iceshop offers Iceimporta service that enables the daily import of standardized purchase data (including price and availability) from your suppliers in one catalog format. Any supplier that can provide its assortment in digital format can be connected. There are already more than 200 suppliers worldwide connected.Yes
Batavi logo For Batavi, the open source Business-to-Business webshop solution, standard Icecat integrations are available. Thanks to the extensive authorization module, Batavi is used a lot in high-end B2B ecommerce applications, for example regarding public procurement apps. Check out the Batavi/Icecat demo.Yes
Syndy an icecat company logo Syndy, the PIM portal that is used by retailers in FMCG and other verticals to exchange content in the data formats that retailers desire, is now connected to Icecat.Yes
Prestashop logo PrestaShop is a challenger of Magento in terms of popularity. In the Icecat stats. PrestaShop is closing in rapidly on Magento. Find here the Iceshop integration for Icecat. Note: there are other Icecat/PrestaShop add-ons on the market, but these are not verified or supported by Icecat.Yes
OpenCart logo OpenCart has an Icecat integration. You can find an OpenCart review at the Ecommerce Guide. (We didn’t review this integration ourselves, nor OpenCart as an OS webshop platform).No
Wordpress Woocommerce WordPress is the most popular website/blog solution at the moment. And WooCommerce it’s most used webshop add-on. A WordPressWoocommerce/Icecat integration is spotted.No
Akeneo PIM logo Akeneo, the successful open source PIM, also introduced its Icecat connector, which can be requested through Akeneo.No
zencart logo For Zencart an Icecat add-on is reported (Not verified or supported by Icecat). Zencart is an older OS webshop, which allegedly is forked away from OS Commerce.No
virtuemart_logo eMagicOne manages a large number of Icecat integrations for popular open source webshops.No
Pinnacle cart eMagicOne manages a large number of Icecat integrations for popular open source webshops (not verified or supported by Icecat).No
MySQL There have been many MySQL integrations of Icecat. Batavi, mentioned above, is one such an example. In case of a need of a Php script to integrate Icecat into MySQL, we advise to download Batavi. Yes
Gepard content syndication platform helps manufacturers to distribute their product content, and retailers – to receive it in their specific data model and format. 120+ million product descriptions are aggregated, transformed and delivered via Gepard platform every month.By Gepard
SAP HybrisIn Hybris, Icecat integrations are realized. Hybris offers a simple standard integration for Icecat. More advanced connectors are available on the market.By SAP
JS.node open source library for retrieving product content, on a data element by element NPM
shopware One of our German partners, ITscope, has a connector for Shopware. This is a proprietary solution. Not sure if this is available, unattached from the ITscope EDI services.By ITscope
Koongo logoKoongo supports an interface between Icecat and some mainstream webshop environments such as Shopify, and Lightspeed.By Koongo
Drupal logoDrupal is a popular open source CMS with a very active community developing ecommerce and other add-ons, including an Icecat add-on.Community software for versions 4.* till 9.*
QuoteWerks, a US based purchase management environment, supports Icecat in its Quintadena module.By Quotewerks

A great number of Commercial integrations are present, for example by Maven Infosoft. Still, can’t find something useful or building your own environment? Check out GitHub’s vivid Icecat community.

  • commented on February 14, 2017 by Daniel

    I am really happy to see that there is focus again for plugins integration with CMS software. It was the icecat plugin for Magento that made me discover the wonderful world of Icecat.

  • commented on February 15, 2017 by Riccardo Roscilli

    Pwsmage has developed a stable, fast and easy solution to integrate Icecat Live platform with Magento. Discover how easy will be to get product images, datasheet and more on your web site by simply creating your product with sku and EAN number.
    We already integrated Pdf User Manual and are working to import Videos and Reasons to buy in our module.
    This is the link to detailed description:
    Our extension can be customized to import specific product attributes into Magento catalog.

  • commented on April 15, 2017 by Caglar

    Already the "icecat live for magento"extention is not available for magento v2,
    when is it going to be ready for use?

  • commented on August 29, 2017 by Stanney

    hi! Do you plan an Add-on for a Shopware to create?

  • commented on May 3, 2019 by Younes

    is Shopify going to be part of it soon?

  • commented on November 25, 2019 by Gruppogalagant

    Where i can find a plugin for woocommerce?


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Icecat Add-ons including Magento, PrestaShop, Oracle, SAP Hybris, Google Shopping. NEW: JS.NODE

Icecat has a huge list of integration partners, that make it easy for clien...
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